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The 6 Best Fall/Winter 2019 Supreme Accessories

By DopestKickz | 18 October 2019 | 144 views | 0 Comments
Supreme has released a number of items including jointly signed shoes and apparel etc in the second half of 2019.  The Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low shoes and the upcoming Supreme x VANS jointly signed series are attractive for all trend enthusiasts. Besides, Supreme also brought us a lot of unexpected accessories. Check out how much Supreme is sick.
1.Supreme BLU Burner Phone
Supreme has announced its fall/winter 2019 catalog, and nestled in among the accessories like Voodoo Dolls and table tennis sets, theres a Supreme-branded burner phonemanufactured by Blu.
Make no mistake, this is a very budget device. if youre a true hypebeast whos prepared to jump through Supremes hoops just to carry its logo around on the back of your phone, then have fun.

2.Supreme Honda CRF 250R   
Supreme took hypebeast culture to the world of motocross by collaborating with Honda on a limited edition CRF250R.
The CRF250R is Hondas mid-sized competition dirt bike. For the collab, Supreme removes the factory graphics, adds red side panels, and plasters the brands logo across the number plate, fork guards, and fairings.

3.Supreme x Pearl Drum Kit
After getting a look at Supremes Spring/Summer 2019 accessories lineup back in February, many fans were drawn to the professional drum kit manufactured by Pearl.
Featuring Pearls Masterworks craftsmanship, the kit has been branded in Supreme s iconic red and white logo which can be found on the bass drum along with the floor, mid and high toms.

4.Supreme Butterfly Table Tennis Racket
Supreme's FW19 Season was jam packed with eye-catching accessories and Week 3's addition to the accessory lineup is no joke as Supreme released their Table Tennis Racket Set with Butterfly. The set features a shakehand table tennis racket, a 3-pack of Butterfly A40  Balls, and both a racket and ball case.
5.Supreme Hanging Lantern Red
Supreme relaxed a little bit for their FW19 Week 8 release as the week came without a major collaboration. In it's place came the release of one of the season's most anticipated accessories, the Supreme Hanging Lantern. The Lanterns released in one color, red, and feature Supreme branding down the side.
6.Supreme Pyrex 2-Cup Measuring Cup Clear
Amongst the host of accessories released as a part of Supreme's FW19 Week One Drop was the Supreme/Pyrex 2-Cup Measuring Cup. The glass measuring cup features three instances of Supreme branding mixed with the traditional Pyrex branding.

Which piece of the accessories do you most impress?


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